The Speak & Influence Program


Do you have a secret desire to become a speaker who can captivate an audience on any platform -- even Facebook Lives?

Do you feel you have something "in you" that you want to get out?

Do you want to be a coach AND speaker who knows how to combine their knowledge and expertise to make an impact with the masses?


Do you feel like your coaching sessions are amazing and powerful --- with so much growth happening --- BUT you simply DON’T KNOW how to put those things into compelling words for the masses?

Listen, I know how you feel. A lot of my clients tell me about the angst they feel knowing they want to share their message with more people… but not sure about HOW.

You may be thinking it's far out of reach, and I totally get it.

But imagine if you could have the same effect when you speak to a broader audience... as you do on your one-on-one sessions with clients…


You know... that “flow” state you have in your sessions... where your message is crystal clear and it speaks directly to the HEART of your client…


…that same message CAN and SHOULD be put together in a meaningful story (which I call your signature story), that the right people will connect with…


If you LOVE what you do on your one-on-one sessions, but you want to learn how to PACKAGE that same thing and SPEAK it to a broader audience…


Then you need to learn THREE things:

1. Discover how to take the things you talk about with your clients and PACKAGE them in such a way where they are meaningful to a broader audience

2.  Learn to deliver your words so people are MOVED --- because while you may be very confident on your sessions, you may not be when the time comes to speak live on stage (or on your next live stream online)

3.  And third, you need to learn how to get in front of the right people to hear your message and SPEAK (which could be from a stage, an online video platform or a podcast)

And besides being HEARD and impacting people with your message... becoming a speaker can PUSH your coaching career to the next level... to THAT level that you feel you could be at:

For example, you may decide to write a book at some point (or maybe you already have!), but without people knowing about it, that book may be a best seller only on your bookshelf...


THAT level could also be...

* Exposing yourself to new heights of visibility:  live conferences, virtual workshops, podcast guesting, maybe even TV interviews

* Having a large following on social media.. where people read, engage and enjoy your rich content

* Having your work truly be SEEN in the world -- your coaching programs, courses, books or events -- and having incredible impact beyond your circle


You don’t need to be the world’s best kept secret anymore.


The reality is, if you want to move from simply changing lives one-on-one --- to being known and changing lives at a greater scale --- then you need to become a speaker.

A speaker who can captivate the audience on any platform -- including social media.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my special edition Speak & Influence program for Coaches…


In my signature program, you’ll learn:


  • How to put that what you already know and do in your private coaching sessions, and EXPAND it so you SPEAK it to a broader audience

  • Learn how to deliver your words with confidence and structure so people leave INSPIRED and moved to take action

  • Get in front of the right audience who wants to hear your message and SPEAK


I’ve also equipped you with your Speaker Marketing Plan 101 - which gives you everything you’ll need to to market yourself as a speaker (develop your speaker specialty and get gigs)


  • FOUR MONTHS of LIVE Virtual Face-To-Face Q & A Coaching Calls With Emmy & Murrow Award-Winning Journalist and Speaker Bofta Yimam so you can get your questions answered  -- and yes, you can even bring the drafts of your story to the live calls for on-the-spot critiques!  ($3,000 Value)

  • How to Find & Outreach to Speaking Gigs (in a way that  comes from a place of empowerment)

  • Pick Your Niche & Identify Your Target Speaking Audience (so you don't waste time running around in circles)

  • Techniques to Command The Room and Deliver In Front of Any Audience

  • How To Structure & Craft Your Compelling Signature Story

  • Learn The Confidence Techniques Used By Speaker Pros

  • How To Create Your Professional Conference Template (so you can now step up your outreach!)

  • Step-By-Step Method To Creating Your Professional Speaker Bio & Press Kit

  • Discover The Essential Elements For Your Speaker Reel

  • Lifetime Access To The Course Material  (Priceless)

  • AND YES, You can work at your own pace and take as much time as you need to finish and apply what you have learned


  • The BEST Way to Capture Thousands of Emails From The Audience (yes! build your tribe of warm leads)

  • Sample Speaker Contract + Pro Speaker Tracker Sheet  ($1,500 Value)

  • Access to My Speaker Sales Template:  How To Negotiate A Sales Call For Speaking Engagements (learn what to say on the call to best position yourself to get paid)



  • Sarah Nolan, Creator of the Energetic Emotional Release Technique: Discover Simple Ways To Calm Your Nerves Before Your Next Live Stream, Podcast Interview or Stage Talk!  (19 minute video)

  • Danielle Tucker, Speaker Website Expert: Learn The Top 5 Must-Have Elements On Your Website To Help Build Your Personal Speaker Brand and Convert Meetings Planners to Book You!  (32 minute video)

  • Carolyn Klasnick, Top Speaker Reel Tips From A Pro Filmmaker:  How To Create A Speaker Reel That Will Increase Your Chances of Getting Booked, Over and Over Again (23 minute video) 

  • Valari Jackson, Certified Myers Briggs Expert: Understand How To Serve & Attract Each Personality Type In Your Talk (24 minute video)

AND you will receive a 1:1 private session with Bofta Yimam to tackle your most pressing speaker and marketing questions -- strategies for on stage and off stage!

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I've been fortunate and honored to tell stories for a living, as part of an Emmy & Murrow award-winning TV career.  Most recently, I covered the impeachment inquiry from the White House and Capitol Hill.  For most of my career, I worked for TV affiliates (CBS, ABC) around the country... 10+ years (interviewing thousands, writing stories for LIVE TV, producing documentaries, delivering stories on-air and speaking on stages). 

Still, there was a part of me that wanted to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit:  serve more, impact more and speak more... around the world on my own time!

But enough about me -- what's this have to do with you?

Now, I'm on a mission to help you soar.

Rather than reporting a single story each day on TV...  I'm now helping change agents, authors and entrepreneurs develop their speaker brand, craft their story and get booked on stages so they can reach the masses with their message and transform lives

I want to help you dive into the world of speaking and storytelling with confidence... and show you all of the secret tools to deliver your compelling signature story with POWER on stages around the world

To work 1:1 with me is a premium price and I love working privately with clients... but I've always wanted to do something for people who are in-between.. those who have a deep desire inside of them to inspire others through their story

Is that you?

Allow me to show you the way.

"I was hoping and praying that somebody would one day let me talk in front of their group and by the end of our 8 weeks, I was booked for TWO stages and those helped me get booked for a third stage coming up next month. I learned to keep it succinct and not get up there and ramble and lost in what I was supposed to say ... actually knowing what comes next and being in that signature talk and practicing it. Just been amazing to know that I've got it and can use it in different ways. "

Whitney Nicely
Founder of Whitney Buys Houses

"Even though I had been in sales and done a ton of sales presentations I really have never felt that comfortable in being able to succinctly tell my story, to really figure out how to make an impact... sometimes it gets murky as to how do I condense all of my experiences so that I can actually say something that makes sense! Working with Bofta, the validation that even things that I didn't think were important ARE important to my story, so that was really helpful for me. And then to find that golden thread and that recurring theme, that would help me put my message together... super helpful for me."

Janet Clark
Founder of the Freedom Shift

You've spent years wondering about your story, honing your expertise, watching others on a stage weave their story elements smoothly together and now you're ready to speak and share your compelling signature story, too.

"Is this real?"

IMAGINE speaking to hundreds of people about your story... your journey... your powerful experiences... your message...

What would that feel like?

What if you could rock a stage with confidence, deeply connect with your audience and share your compelling story?

How would that fulfill you?

You don't have to wonder, wish, or dream anymore.

If you're watching others with a bit of envy as they rock a stage, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way.

The art of powerful speaking and storytelling is a skill that can greatly impact your life and the life of others....

And the good news?

It's a craft ... so anyone can learn it.

And after years of working on that craft, I know what it takes to write and craft a compelling story for the stage and on camera.

Here's What Happens After My Clients Decide To Share & Speak Their Compelling STORY...

  • INSTANT VISIBILITY : Become the go-to person that people think about when it comes to your niche (it's crazy how fast speaking on stages will skyrocket your brand)
  • IDEAL AUDIENCE:  No more chasing.  With your packaged expertise and story, attract the ideal crowds who will see the value and love your story
  • INVITATIONS ON MEDIA:  Package your story and brand so it's easier for others to digest.  This is key for landing on podcasts, guest speaker panels and hosting opportunities
  • EXTRA INCOME:  You'll now see and experience the abundance of speaking opportunities that you can leverage into extra income
  • BIGGER IDEAS FLOW EASILY: Now that you have the signature talk, you're motivated to use the framework to write your book, expand on your brand and/or business

I'm now sharing my story on multiple stages in different cities

I thought about wanting to elevate and propel my gifts and desires and talents forward... now I feel truly empowered and excited and ready to do that.. so if you're thinking about trying one of Bofta's workshops, coaching, I would highly recommend you to go ahead and take that leap, take that jump....  I'm telling you it's going to be so worth it.  I'm now sharing my story on multiple stages in different cities.

- Rebekah

You helped me dig up and show some jewels that I didn't even realize the connection. You helped me find the connection in my story

I would dabble, spoke at retreats, workshops... but never really had a story crafted. When we connected, I was at ground zero.  You helped me first work on me so I could clearly identify what were the messages, the main points...  so you really gave me opportunities to dive deeper than I had been... you helped me dig up and show some jewels that I didn't even realize the connection.

You helped me find the connection in my story.

- Dionna

Bofta has helped me obtain these small little tweaks in public speaking that I was unable to see or even comprehend... made a huge impact

She has helped me obtain these small little tweaks in public speaking that I was unable to see or even comprehend... and it has made a huge impact in my business and personal life as well. Going forward, I just have a huge amount of tools in everything that I do... she has a distinct ability to hear what you're saying but also hear what you mean to say...  I'm a huge fan of Bofta and the work she's done... been life-changing for me. If you're thinking of signing up for this class, don't think anymore, do it.  It will literally change your life.

- Chris

How Whitney Made 20K + With Her Talk

After Whitney discovered the power of her signature talk, she used her story to promote her business from the stage and online



It's time to kick self-doubt to the curb.  Learn the confidence process used by top performers and the best techniques to increase your confidence on any given day, even the moments just before you share your story. 



Unpack and tap into the WHY behind your story and the compelling message that you desire to share with the world.  This is a critical step in giving you the boldness to take your story to the masses. Through Bofta's Story Extractor Exercise WYA (Who You Are), discover the key authentic elements in your story and gain a level of clarity on your unique message that you never experienced before. You’ll also realize how the authentic elements in the WYA exercise are key to creating deeper levels of connection with your audience, which will leave you with trusted and raving fans.


You won't just be sharing information with your audience but instead, relaying transformational and emotional stories that grab the attention and hearts of your audience -- online or from the stage.  Discover the storytelling secrets and speaker tips so you can deeply connect with your listeners -- on any platform  Plus, you will receive the lead sheet to help you identify the audience that will appreciate and value your story the most.  The best public speakers are phenomenal storytellers -- language matters!



In the Speak & Influence video trainings, Bofta performs and walks you through top-notch delivery techniques.  You will learn tips to command the room, your next live stream or a boardroom presentation -- leveraging the type of language that you use will help you really captivate the audience and allow your authority to shine over and over again



With your confidence and crafted story ready to go, you can't help but want to share your message with the world.  It's time to start pitching yourself to conferences and other events.  Get going by learning how to become your best spokesperson: learn step by step how to build your Professional Speaker Kit and use Bofta's Custom Conference Template so you can start expanding your outreach and getting on calls with event organizers as early as this week.  Yes, things can happen that fast!

Yes! Time To Level Up!


Embrace your value.  Discover the powerful elements you can negotiate on a sales call for your speaker services and learn how to leverage what I call my Feeder System - when you use this during your next talk you can capture dozens (and hundreds) of emails instantly while nurturing them into a tribe of loyal followers



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You can work at your own pace and take as much time as you need to finish and apply what you have learned.

<< Plus, enjoy LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls for FOUR MONTHS >>

This program is for those who are ready to tap into their desire to craft their compelling story, share their message, get booked on stages and play bigger!

Course + Bonuses =

9,467+ VALUE

I'm giving you ALL OF THIS for just ONE payment of $997


12 payments of ONLY $97



<< You will gain immediate access after signing up >>

"Bofta has been instrumental in helping me get my motivational speaking business off the ground. She has helped me with developing my marketing such as my book, and helping me develop my speeches... Her group calls to help me get unstuck and push forward to success was truly an inspiration and motivated me to attack my contact list... I have received several speaking engagements with Bofta's help; without her program and help I would have not been able to do what I love and that is speaking. Bofta is easy to work with and very knowledgeable in helping you get unstuck. I highly recommend you try her program. You will not regret it. "

Frank Andreotti
CEO, Author, Motivational Speaker


 WHAT MORE CLIENTS ARE SAYING... Blushing reviews ;)

I didn't think I was going to be able to do the work but I only felt that way because I didn't have the confidence in myself or my story. But you changed that for me

I needed to gain skills on how to tell my story, help with my confidence... public speaking was nerve-wracking.  I was a nervous wreck anytime I had to speak in front of an audience.  I wouldn't effectively communicate my story, people wouldn't understand what I was trying to convey. But now, you have given me tools that will last a lifetime.  I understand what to do to turn my nervousness into a good energy source so I can be effective in my communication.  Now, I am prepared when I'm asked to tell my story... they can understand my mission, what I'm about. 

I feel like I've transformed.

- Brandi


The validation that even things that I didn't think were important, are important to my story. That was really helpful for me. Then, to find that golden thread to help put my message together...

Even though I had been in sales and done a ton of sales presentations I really have never felt that comfortable in being able to succinctly tell my story, to really figure out how to make an impact...  sometimes it gets like murky as to how do I kind of condense all of my experiences so that I can actually say something that makes sense. Working with Bofta, the validation that even things that I didn't think were important are important to my story so that was really helpful for me, and then to find that golden thread and that recurring theme, that would help me put my message together... super helpful for me

- Janet

You listened and you made me feel relaxed to open up to you. You had a spirit of listening and accepting who I am

You helped me dig more into my story.  I really never talked about my story in depth... but with coaching it helped me realize that I can go more in depth to help other people that may have been through the same or similar situation...  Speaking more and being comfortable with speaking my story I feel very confident because I have more tools to just continue to practice and work on. No matter where I'm speaking or who I'm speaking to I can always speak a part of my story.  If I was stuck on a lot of things you would walk me through it and teach me. 

It really has been a blessing for me.

- Ann


"I was initially stuck with belief in myself. Bofta helped to uncover my blocks and my self limiting beliefs. I’m now more confident and ready to move forward with clarity. In the past few months working with Bofta, I’ve had an increase in visibility and more requests for interviews and an increase in speaking engagement requests. If you were hesitant about jumping into the program, I encourage you not to be. I’m a living testimony that Bofta’s course is exactly what you need to take you to your next destination."

Lori Johnson
Speaker, Author, Business Owner

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

I want to be clear about this. I've never had anyone return my coaching services. But in the unlikely event that you are not over the moon, please review this policy. Within 14 days of you signing up for the course, if you participate in the group Q & A calls, complete ALL the homework and don't see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you craft your story or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you craft your story successfully.


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Here's what else you might be wondering...

The Live Sessions are on the second and fourth Saturday of each month at 10am EST.  For four months, you have to access those live calls with Bofta Yimam.  Jump in and Engage!

By the way, sometimes we throw in a bonus session during the month - just because we love our clients;))

What else?

Once you make the first payment or full payment, you will receive an email with a series of details, including your course login information and access to the private Speak & Influence Course Facebook community.  That private Speak & Influence group is where you will also access the links for each of the LIVE sessions.

If you miss the LIVE sessions (life happens!), no worries, a recording of the call will be posted in the private Speak & Influence Facebook Course community. 

Yes, you do.  And the good news is that the course is updated periodically with fresh videos and content that members find extremely valuable.  We want you to be equipped with tools and resources not just for tomorrow -- but for years to come.

Yes and Yes!  You will receive an email on the same day you sign up.  That email will provide you with your personalized course login, link to the Facebook group and details on how to attend the live calls.  And if you have any questions, we'll be right there to answer them!

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