Boost Your Visibility, Leverage Your Expertise & Increase Your Impact NOW!

Even if you are just starting out, don't have many followers and have a tiny email list, YOU CAN step out of the shadow and into the light with my Speak + Influence Visibility Starter Kit.

Are You Ready? 



You DO NOT need to have a million followers to have influence, visibility and share your expertise.  

Grab my Speak + Influence Visibility Starter Kit, and I'll show you how to:    

  • Build Your LinkedIn Profile & Summary to tell your story and leverage your authority to attract the audience you desire
  • Craft Your Conference Template to land speaking engagements
  • Become a Guest Speaker on Podcasts to gain more followers, share your story, provide added value to the marketplace and increase your visibility!
  • Craft Your Compelling Speaker Bio
  • Build Your Email List and provide value to your followers that keeps them engaged

This Was Me Reporting & Anchoring For 10 + Years ...

I've been fortunate and honored to tell stories for a living, as part of an Emmy & Murrow award-winning TV career.  For more than decade, I worked for TV affiliates (CBS, ABC, FOX) around the country (interviewing thousands, writing stories for LIVE TV, producing documentaries, delivering stories on-air and speaking on stages).

Still, there was a part of me that wanted to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit: do more, serve more, impact more and speak around the world on my own time!

But enough about me -- what's this have to do with you?

Now, I'm on a mission to help you soar with my Speak + Influence Visibility Starter Kit.

Here's A Look Inside Of My Speak + Influence Visibility Starter Kit

MODULE #1 - Discover The Best Way To Build Your LinkedIn Profile & Summary

  • 19 minute video revealing how to tell your story and leverage your authority on one of the most powerful platforms so you can start playing bigger and attract the audience you desire
  • Learn my four key factors to help you standout from the crowd (and the myths about LinkedIn that no one talks about)
  • Watch a step-by-step example as I revamp an entrepreneur's basic profile and turn it into a compelling story that offers professional and personal twists
  • BONUS: 15 + additional tips to boost your visibility (and start maximizing the platform!)

MODULE #2 - Discover How To Craft Your Conference Template

  • 27 minute video that dives into how to pitch yourself so you grab the attention of the event organizer and start bringing in leads for conference stages  
  • Swipe file of templates that I have personally used to land speaking engagements by emailing event organizers (cold outreach)

MODULE #3 -Insider Tips To Land On Podcasts

  • Showing up as a guest speaker on podcasts is a savvy way to gain more followers, share your story, provide added value to the marketplace and increase your visibility!

  • Discover how to find more than 250,000 podcasts at your fingertips!  No joke.  This 20 minute video walks you through the process of finding sooo many podcasters who are looking for guests with your expertise (plus, I'll show you why there's one area you want to specifically target if you're new in your niche or just building your biz)

  • Then we'll show you the simple way to find podcast host's information so you can reach out 

    In fact, the steps are so easy that I walk one speaker personally through the process so you can see how simple it is to tap into the podcast guest speaking world for your own niche

MODULE #4 -Live Interview With Copywriting Expert Nabeel Azeez

  • 53 minute Interview With Dubai's Most Expensive Copywriter Nabeel Azeez

  • He shares with you what he learned after sending 100,000 emails in one year so you can hit the ground running (and start or improve your list) and learn how to maximize and provide value so that your followers don't get fatigue  

MODULE #5 - Craft Your Compelling Speaker Bio

  • 44 minute video walk through showing you how to shape your Speaker Bio.  In this video, you'll see the questions to ask for your bio, the language to keep in mind and the succinct style that's required to build a compelling speaker bio.

  • BONUS: Speaker Bio Template Included

Ready to boost your VISIBILITY, leverage your EXPERTISE & Increase Your IMPACT... in a course created by a former TV Anchor & Emmy Award-Winning Journalist who's written and delivered thousands of stories, speaks on stages and privately coached powerhouse CEO's on how to do it all, too?


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Here's What Happens After My Clients Decide To Share & Speak Their Compelling STORY...

  • INSTANT VISIBILITY : Become the go-to person that people think about when it comes to your niche (it's crazy how fast speaking on stages will skyrocket your brand)
  • IDEAL AUDIENCE:  No more chasing.  With your packaged expertise and story, attract the ideal crowds who will see the value and love your story
  • INVITATIONS ON MEDIA:  Package your story and brand so it's easier for others to digest.  This is key for landing on podcasts, guest speaker panels and hosting opportunities
  • EXTRA INCOME:  You'll now see and experience the abundance of speaking opportunities that you can leverage into extra income
  • BIGGER IDEAS FLOW EASILY: Now that you have the signature talk, you're motivated to use the framework to write your book, expand on your brand and/or business

"Is this real?"

IMAGINE speaking to hundreds of people about your story... your journey... your powerful experiences... your message...

What would that feel like?

What if you could rock a stage with confidence, deeply connect with your audience and share your compelling story?

How would that fulfill you?

You don't have to wonder, wish, or dream anymore.

If you're watching others with a bit of envy as they rock a stage, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way.

The art of powerful speaking and storytelling is a skill that can greatly impact your life and the life of others....

And the good news?

It's a craft ... so anyone can learn it.

And after years of working on that craft, I know what it takes to write and craft a compelling story for the stage and on camera.

Dip your toe into the process today and boost your visibility, authority and impact!


One payment of only




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